Benjamin Franklin House. The website for the world's only surviving Franklin home located in Craven Street off the Strand.  Open to the public.

British Records Association.  A charity established in 1932, exists to encourage and assist the preservation, care, use and publication of historical records

The Creation of Colour in Eighteenth-Century Europe. This digital book by Dr Sarah Lowengard is about the organization of science and technology in eighteenth-century Europe, about the relationships of each to the other and to the worlds in which they existed.

Crystal Palace Foundation.  Established in 1979 the Crystal Palace Foundation is a voluntary organisation that aims to keep alive the memory of the Crystal Palace and its major role in social development in Victorian & Edward England

Decorative Arts Society.  The Decorative Arts Society encourages and supports the study and appreciation of all aspects of the decorative arts and design from 1850 to the present. In its activities and publications, the DAS embraces the different media on an international basis - furniture, ceramics, glass, metalwork, textiles, jewellery and fashion, as well as architecture, interior and industrial design, and the graphic arts. 

Membership is international and is open to all who are interested in any aspect of this vast field. No specialist knowledge is required. Existing members include collectors, dealers, libraries, museum curators, teachers, students, artists and designers, all of whom wish to share their enthusiasm with others

Docklands History Group  The Docklands History Group is the leading history group for the study of the Port of London and the tidal River Thames.  Among its membership are people with a long-standing interest in port and river-history who have published widely on the subject.  The Group holds regular monthly meetings, hosts annual conferences and publishes associated Proceedings.'

Friends of Turner's House.  Sandycombe Lodge in Twickenham designed by Turner for his own use.

George Berg and the Society of Arts: Interest, Improvement and the Meaning of a Practical Engagement. A blog on the 18th century musician and glassmaker George Berg set up by Dr Sarah Lowengard to discuss Berg's experiments as well as his social relationships with the Society of Arts.

The Georgian Group   The Georgian Group is the national charity dedicated to preserving Georgian buildings and gardens.

History of Education Society  The website provides information about the Society's aims, membership, publications, conferences, awards, prizes and bibliographic resources.

Huguenots of Spitalfields  This charity was set up to highlight Huguenot heritage and culture particularly among the those people who live, work or visit Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets and the City of London.  

Johnson Society of London  This Society is made up of people with interests in the life and work of Samuel Johnson.  It holds seven meetings a year and publishes the New Rambler

Linnean Society  Founded in 1788 to provide a meeting place for the cultivation of the science of natural history the Linnean Society was one of many other societies and institutions which includes members of the RSA amongst its number, and some of its interest areas were also considered by the RSA.    The Linnean Society offers a series of public lectures which may be of interest.

London Historians. Launched in August 2010 as a club for Londoners who would like to learn more about their city’s history. London Historians organise visits, talks, walks, social events and discounts to selected historical attractions and exhibitions for their members

Museum of Leathercraft  Founded in 1946 by John Waterer RDI and Claude Spiers the museum has built up a collection of over 5000 examples of leatherwork across history and cultures.  In 2016 it was renamed the international Museum of Leathercraft in recognition of the wide reaching scope of the collection.

Newcomen Society  Named after Thomas Newcomen, who invented the first practical steam engine, the Newcomen Society exists to encourage study of the history of engineering and technology from ancient times to the present day.

Prince Albert Society  The Prince Albert Society supports academic collaboration between British and German scholars.  It has held conferences on a wide range of historical themes.  The RSA and the Prince Albert Society have collaborated (in 2001) on conferences relating to the Great Exhibition.  The Prince Albert Society and the William Shipley Group are corporate members of each other's society.

RDIs represented at 1946 Britain Can Make It exhibition    A joint project, with Design Archives at the University of Brighton, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Britain Can Make It exhibition.   The entries also include a link to a digitised copy of the catalogue.

The Royal Photographic Society  The Royal Photographic Society was formed as a result of the exhibition of photography organised by the Society in 1852.  The early meetings were held in the Society's House in John Adam Street.

RSA Archive.   This link will take you to the RSA's archive page with access to the online catalogue to the correspondence, papers, drawings, photographs and the Society's early library.

Technical Education Matters  This website considers the history and the current importance of technical and vocational education from a number of different perspectives.  Of interest and value to students, researchers and people who are associated with this important sector of education and training.  This is a free resource provided by Dr Richard Evans, BSc (Hons), M.Ed, PGCE, DMS, MILM, F.InstP, FGCL, who believes that technical education system especially at a time of massive transformations occuring globally.

The Victorian Society. Victorian and Edwardian buildings are irreplaceable, cherished, diverse, beautiful, familiar and part of our everyday life. The Victorian Society is the champion for these buildings

Warner Textile Archive  Sir Frank Warner was an active member of the RSA and supported the Society's Student Design Bursaries Scheme. The Warner Textile Archive is a rich design resource documenting the successes and innovation of Warner & Sons from the late 1800s. The Collection comprises stunning textiles and inspirational paper designs, as well as original printing blocks, photographs and other documentary material

The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars  Membership is open to those engaged in the study, curation, collection and trade in antiques, antiquities and objects of decorative and applied art. It also welcomes those engaged in the many associated support businesses such as restoration and conservation, insurance, event organisation, tax and legal advice, packing and shipping