WSG Occasional Papers

No.1:     The RSA 1754-2004: An historical review by David G. C. Allan, 2009 (£5.00)

No.2:     Oswald Partridge Milne (1881-1958), FRSA, FRIBA, by David G. C. Allan and Susan Bennett, 2009 (£7.00)

No.3:     The Henderson connection: new discoveries into a family of artists and collectors linked with the London Society of Arts by Susan Bennett (£5.00)

No. 4:    The Riddle of the Caffieri busts by Lady Joan Reid, 2010 (£7.00)

No. 5:    ‘Barkiss is willin’: some Dickensian associations of the Society of Arts by David G. C. Allan, 2009 (£7.00)

No.6:     An obscure Letter of little Consequence and a Cause Célèbre among Letters Patent by James Harrison, 2009 (£5.00)

No.7:     Barry’s death and funeral by David G. C. Allan, 2009 (£5.00)

No.8:    Ingenious Women by Deborah Jaffé, 2009 (£5.00)

No.9:    William Shipley, Charles Ranger, Esq., Arthur Murphy and the Society of Arts by Garry Headland, 2009        (£7.00)

No.10:   James ‘Athenian’ Stuart and London club culture by Kerry Bristol, 2009 (£5.00)

No.11:   Prince Albert, the Society of Arts and the beginning of the Royal Photograph Collection by Frances Dimond, 2010 (£7.00)

No.12:  [R]SA Organisation, membership and awards 1754-c.1800 by David G.C. Allan, 2009 (£10.00)

No.13:  A Survey of Premiums offered for Historical Art, 1760-99 by Martin Myrone, 2009 (£5.00)

No.14:  ‘The Wider Range of Knowledge’.  Johnson, the RSA and the Adelphi Revisited by David G.C. Allan, 2009 (£7.00)
No.15:   The Society of Arts, Public Health and Sewage Disposal:  Alfred Carpenter and Edwin Chadwick by Nicholas Cambridge, 2009 (£7.00)

No.16:   The Development of Museums in Victorian Britain and the Contribution of the Society of Arts by Anthony Burton, 2010 (£7.50)

No.17:   Sculpture in and on the Society’s House by David G.C. Allan, 2010 (£5.00)

No.18:   Early 19th Century Materials for Drawing and Painting.  I.  Clare Richardson, The RSA collection of
‘trial’ paintings on millboard and canvas 1820-1846.   II. Peter Bower, George Steart’s ‘tablets’ for drawing, 1820.

No.19: ‘A guide and light to future generations’: the RSA and the design of war memorials by Heather Creaton,
2011 (£7.50)

No.20: The Capture of an Eagle commemorated: Denis Dighton’s prize winning sketch of 1811 by David G.C.
Allan, 2011 (£7.50)

No.21: Sir Gordon Russell CBE, MC, RDI (1892–1980).  A twentieth century design pioneer by Helen R. Auty, 2012 (£7.50)

No.22: Jubilee Papers from George the Third to Elizabeth the Second by David G.C. Allan, 2012  (£8.50)

No.23: The Society of Antiquaries and the Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. An account of shared memberships and interests from the mid-18th to the early 21st centuries by David G.C. Allan, 2012 (£7.50)

No.24: Professor R.D. (Dick) Russell RDI, FSIAD (1903-1981), Marian Pepler ARIBA, FSIA (1904-1997).  'Formulating a peculiarly British brand of modernism' by Ray Leigh, 2013 (£7.50)

No.25: 'For We Shall Go Down Hand in Hand to Posterity'. Fanny Burney and Samuel Johnson: A Literary Friendship by Prof John Abbott, 2013 (£7.50)

No.26: Some Noble Patriotic Members and Prize Winners of the Twickenham Area Supplementary Paper by David G.C. Allan, 2014 (£8.00)

No.27: Habits of Thrift and Industry: Improving Bethnal Green by Pat Francis, 2014 (£8.00)

No.28: The Society of Arts and the Lunar Society of Birmingham by Prof Robert Schofield, 2016 reprint (£5.00)

No.29: Lord Folkestone and the Society of Arts: Picturing the First President by Amelia Smith, 2016 (£10.00)

No.30: A Visual Tour of the International Exhibition of 1862 compiled by Susan Bennett, 2016 (£8.00)

No.31: Sewerage and Health.  Symposium papers to mark the 125th anniversary of the death of Sir Joseph Bazalgette, 2017 (£10.00) 

No 32: The Nursery of a Profession.  A Survey of Architectural Practice in the Adelphi Area c.1830-c.1950  (£7.50)

No.33: 'The Undisputed Monarch of the English Stage'.  David Garrick (1717-1779).  Proceedings of WSG Symposium held on 23rd February 2017 to mark the tercentenary of Garrick's birth.  (£8.00)

History of the RSA.  A Bibliography
.  Revised edition, 2018  £10.00

WSG Research Papers
No. 1:    Examinations for the ‘underprivileged’ in Victorian times: the Huddersfield Mechanics’ Institution and the Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce by Martyn A. Walker, 2008 (68pp, 3 plates, 8 tables in text, 13 appendices, index - £7.50)  

No.2:     [R]SA Art and Design Prize winners 1755-1760.  An alphabetical checklist by Pat Francis, 2009 (34pp, illus - £7.50)

WSG Symposium
The Albertine Legacy. Proceedings of a symposium held to commemorate the obtaining of  ‘Royal’ patronage and title by the RSA, 2009 (£10)

Available from the Honorary Secretary, William Shipley Group for RSA History, 47 Barringers Court, Neats Acre, HA4 7JP  or email:  Pleases add £1.30 for p&p.  Make cheques payable to William Shipley Group. 

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